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This is a question that many people from the UK have been asking themselves since the Referendum in June last year. On first considering an answer, it might seem that because the UK is definitely 'Going Independent' in 18 months' time, after having 'triggered' article 51 in March of this year - logically - it should really make the possibility of families from the UK moving permanently to Spain much more difficult.

Surprisingly, that is not the case in the actual world, however! Living in Spain has so many genuine advantages over life in Great Britain. Economically speaking, Spain is moving forwards at a rapid rate, with so many more jobs and opportunities today than existed even two years ago. Many Spanish people are beginning to exhibit a level of wealth that has been previously unknown for generations.

General facilities and vital infrastructures such as schools, medical facilities, hospitals and roads have been vastly improved over the last decade. High-speed railway links are being built and deployed rapidly to improve the options for the travelling public. The cost of living is well below that which is endured in the UK. And the warm Climate? That speaks for itself, with the older generation suffering far less with - for example - arthritis and other similar complaints due to the damp British weather.

A recent survey in the UK has revealed that - against all the odds, and despite 'Brexit' - an amazingly high proportion of British families are today seriously considering the possibility of permanently moving away from the British Isles to other EU member states. Guess what? Spain is very much one of the favourite potential destinations! Not only that, but the Spanish Government is happily welcoming British families who settle here with open arms!

It is a fact that the price of properties in Spain is gradually rising again, which makes them an excellent investment. However, they are still way below the prices that were prevalent prior to the Spanish property price collapse in 2007. The giant cranes are back on the skyline as more affordable properties are currently being built around us here on the Costa Blanca.

Property bargains are very much still to be found throughout Spain. Now is the time to find that ideal Spanish property. Prices will continue to go up, so it makes excellent sense to buy now before you miss the boat!!!

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11 May 2020
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