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Following the 'Brexit' vote, one of the main concerns and fears to arise amongst the British residents and tourists in the Valencian Community on the Costa Blanca is that of how the 'Brexit' decision - taken during the June 23rd Referendum - would affect their continued right to access the Spanish health service.

In an immediate attempt to avoid 'alarmist messages', the President of the Valencian Community - Ximo Puig - sent a personal message to the 100,000+ British residents in the area, telling them to "Rest Easy". He continued: "The healthcare of any citizen living in the region is 'Guaranteed' ". This was his pledge during a visit to meet representatives from the local Tourist Industry in order to discuss 'Brexit's' impact on the sector.

Puig continued: "The Generalitat Valencia will not interrupt any fundamental Public Services. A specifically created Public Committee will deal with the situation". He went on to say that the continuation of free healthcare for British Residents is safe after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

This initial message (on the day after the Referendum result) was reiterated by President Puig on a recent visit to Benidorm, when he assured British residents of continued "Love, affection and Security" within the Valencian Community. In doing so, he again guaranteed that: " the Valencian Government will not initiate any fundamental disruption of health provision" to British residents following 'Brexit'.

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